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About us

Company’s story

TS Plaspack was founded in July, 1999 as a family business. When bottled-water gained popularity, we saw the opportunity for the business to flourish and started producing opaque water bottles using HDPE. We set up a factory to manufacture the bottles and continue researching possible products.

The market was already flooded with similar bottled-water products resulting in harsh competition. To stay ahead of the competitions, we focus on product’s quality and switch from HDPE to PET. PET is denser and has the ability to keep freshness for a longer period of time while remaining transparent. PET was becoming more in-demand in the international market and we use this opportunity to network in China, Taiwan, and Japan to learn more about PET and how it was used globally.

We are continuously growing and strive to manufacture the highest quality products and to always exceed customers' expectations. We have received overwhelmingly positive response from our local and international customers and we look forward to partnering with you.


  • Confident

    :In our management and products quality with next-gen technologies at a fair price

  • Secured

    :By laying the foundation in the production process with ISO standards together with the occupational health and safety management system. Including the development of personnel to have competency and working knowledge

  • Committed

    :To use quality assurance system and monitor the production in every steps and deliver the product in a timely manners

  • Experienced

    :In manufacturing PET products to meet customers expectation with GMP and Food safety standards

Quality and Safety Policy

TS Plaspack Public Company (Limited) Conducting business in the production of plastic products, with a focus and commitment to providing a quality, safety and environmental management system as part of business operations. Including the quality of life for employees to have a better working environment, be safe, and being treated fairly as required by law


  • 1.Compliance with government regulations on the quality of products and services, Safety, and the environment. Strictly fulfilled any agreement that the company has agreed with customers and any stakeholders
  • 2.Control the production process for maximum efficiency. With focus on product quality control, prevent any injuries to the operator, and pollution prevention and control
  • 3.Provide resources and support in terms of personnel, budget, time and training. Providing employees at all levels with sufficient and appropriate knowledge, safety and environmental awareness.
  • 4.Deliver products as customers requested in a timely manners
  • 5.Every executive has a duty to communicate and train employees so that all relevant parties can successfully implement the company’s policy
  • 6.Continuously improve and develop quality, safety and environmental management systems.

About us

Production and contract manufacturing company Plastic products With over 20 years of expertise, determined to produce quality products in accordance with ISO9001 GMP HACCP Food Safety standards.With modern production technology, fair price And deliver on time to meet the highest customer satisfaction.


The company manufactures and produces all types of plastic. We are confident in the quality to meet the needs of our customers.